• Emergencies

    In the event of an emergency during your tenancy, please refer to the contact list we provided you with at check-in. For general emergencies please call 0141 570 8872, 07843831452, or 07525338750. Tenants should not contact contractors directly with the exception to an absolute emergency where you cannot get in touch with any staff at Orbis Property. If you call out a contractor and the situation is not deemed an emergency you will be liable for the cost.

  • Found the property for you?

    When you find the right property for you, we recommend arranging a viewing with us as soon as possible. If you subsequently decide to rent the property, we require a holding deposit to take the property off the market. Please note that this does not mean you are guaranteed the property. You will then be asked to complete our tenant application and reference forms. This allows us to check your credentials to ensure that you will be able to fund the rental payments for the duration of your tenancy.

    Once the background check has been completed, we then require the outstanding deposit balance, and the first month’s rent payment. Please be aware that the rental prices do not include utilities or council tax. If you do not pass the reference and credit checks we will refund the holding deposit to you as soon as possible.

    When your deposit and first rental payment have been cleared in our Client Account you will be checked-in by your personal property manager. Your deposit will be lodged in the Safe Deposits Scotland scheme. You will have the opportunity to make sure that the inventory is accurate, signing each page in agreement. An information pack will also be provided for your own reference when you check-in.

  • Moving out of an Orbis Property?

    If you are planning on leaving your property you must give two months notice as defined in your Tenancy Agreement. At check-out, we will visit the property to assess its condition against the inventory signed at the start of the tenancy. The property must be in the same condition as when the tenancy began, excluding the allowance for fair wear and tear.

    When you initially moved in to the property, you paid us a deposit which is now due to be returned to you minus any deductions. In order for the deposit to be repaid we require that you return the property to us in the same condition as it was when you moved in. Any dilapidations, breakages or cleaning required will be deducted from the deposit.

    There are a number of actions we would ask you carry out so that your deposit can be returned as promptly as possible:

    1. Property should be clean and tidy throughout.

    2. Furniture which has been moved should be returned to its original position.

    3. Any mould or scaling in the kitchen or bathroom should be removed.

    4. All appliances are cleaned and left ready for use by the next tenant.

    5. Windows should be cleaned inside and out.

    6. The property, including all cupboards and any relevant outhouses or communal areas should be free from your belongings.

    7. The fridge/freezer should be defrosted and unplugged with the doors left open.

    8. In addition to returning the property to its original state any garden area should also be tidied to reflect its state when you moved in.

    9. You should ensure that you have changed your address on all bills etc. and/or forwarded your mail to your new address. The Royal Mail are able to provide a post forwarding service. Details can be found on their website or in any Post Office.

    10. Remember to inform any telephone, internet or TV providers, as well as any relevant insurance providers, that you will be vacating the property to prevent you being charged for services you do not use.

    11.We must be satisfied that there is no outstanding debt; you need to show that your bills have been cleared (utility bills, council tax etc).

    12. Please ensure that your rent is fully paid up to the date of your departure.

    13. Provide Orbis with a forwarding address where you can be reached after you vacate our property

    We strive to be as fair as possible to all our customers – both tenants and landlords. Ensuring that the above checklist has been completed will help ensure that your deposit is returned as soon as possible.

    We ask that you do not disconnect the utilities, e.g. gas and electricity. When you move out of the property we will take a reading of any relevant meters and will inform the relevant utilities providers on your behalf.

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